Roof Decider: How To Use For Roof Replacement

Roof Decider: How To Use For Roof Replacement

Roof Decider: How To Use For Roof Replacement

Most homeowners probably don’t know too much about the roof replacement process.

This isn’t surprising as it can be very involved. However, if you need to have your roof replaced, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into. What exactly does a roof replacement entail and what are your options? To help answer these questions, we’ve set up a Roof Decider feature on our site which walks you through the entire process. The following is a brief rundown of what you can expect when using our Roof Decider.

Shingle process

The first step provides a visual of the step-by-step process involved with installing roof shingles. The drawing makes it easy to see what all of the different terms actually refer to so you’re not left scratching your head at unfamiliar processes.

Roof replacement elements

The second step breaks down every bit of work which might be done during the roof replacement. This includes the complete removal of the existing roof, deck fastening, underlayment installation, lead boot installation, valley metal installation, and more. You’ll get a clear understanding of all of the work that often goes into replacing a roof.

Designing your roof

The third step goes over your roof design options. These are broken down into six sections–ice and water, deck protection, roof edging metal, starter strip, shingles, and hip and ridge. Each section lists your options describing their price range, enhanced value, warrant eligibility, enhanced protection, code compliance, and more.

Choose shingle options

This section goes over four major roof features you will need to consider, including flashing, skylights, chimney repair, and ventilation. With some of these existing features, replacement may not be necessary, although upgrades are available.

Choose shingle accessories

Here you go through the insulation options you have including price range, code requirements, tax credits, Energy Star recommendations, and more. There are also gutter options including if they offer enhanced value, require maintenance, have oversized downspouts, or come with hinged downspout extensions. Finally, you can view your warranty options.

Review and submit

Once you’ve made your way through and have chosen all of your options, you can review your selections and provide your personal information in order to submit for a free estimate.

Use our Roof Decider feature to get an idea of what goes into a roof replacement and what your options are. Be sure to contact us at LB Solutions for a free estimate today.