What To Do When A Storm Destroys Your Roof

What To Do When A Storm Destroys Your Roof

What To Do When A Storm Destroys Your Roof

Municipalities equipped with emergency and non-emergency phone numbers often must counsel homeowners about how to tell the difference between the two events. They impart a simple piece of advice: you’ll know an emergency when you see one. In other words, trust your instincts.

One of the worst emergencies of all: a roof heavily damaged or destroyed by a storm. High winds may have sheared off shingles and roof deck, leaving your home exposed to the elements. Lightning and hail may have converged to pummel your roof, causing it to sag. A heavy object, like a tree or utility pole, may have fallen on your roof leaving a gaping hole. Whatever the damage, you are officially in crisis mode and should know how to respond.

Put your safety first

It may be difficult, but do your best to harness your fear and, above all, put safety first. In the emotion of a moment, you may want to safeguard meaningful possessions and mementos. However, if your roof is in precarious shape, doing so could jeopardize your safety. Try to remember things can be replaced but people can’t.

This is why public safety officials across the country advise caution. In a worst-case scenario – a roof collapse or even fear of a collapse – leave your home promptly and call 911. If it’s still storming outdoors move to a safe and sturdy indoor room, your basement, or garage, the National Weather Service says. Either way lives depend on your swift, clear-headed thinking.

Make the right moves

If you’re able to remain in your home, decide if it’s smart to shut off the power. Then make the following moves.

  • Place a garbage can or bucket under any leaks flowing from your roof.
  • Move any wet possessions to prevent further damage, if it’s safe to do so.
  • Assess your home to the best of your ability, both indoors and outdoors. Take notes as you go. Making an audiotape may allow you to move around quicker than taking hard-copy notes. Describe what you see. Be sure to document damage. Take photographs of the roof damage from multiple angles. Your insurance company will find them helpful.
  • Call your insurance agent to file a claim. They will recommend you contact a certified roofer to make repairs.


Call Edina’s premier roofing company, LB Solutions, to make an appointment. Our expert crews have repaired and replaced many storm-ravaged roofs. We work efficiently with insurance companies to finish the work expeditiously – returning a much-needed sense of calm after the storm.